Specialists in gold and silver mining

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GOLDBANK is led by a well-seasoned team of Peruvian and European professionals with extensive experience in the mining, investment banking and legal sectors and long standing international affiliations, supported by a strong and experienced team of business and mining professionals working in conjunction with local Peruvian community leaders. We offer partnership with a multi-billion dollar group by providing Gold contracts to miners, investors, fund managers and select private clients. GOLDBANK is leading in the following sectors:

  • The buying and selling of gold
  • Gold refining technology
  • Mining technology
  • Management of natural resources

Legal Notice

Termination of Relationship

This is to inform all persons dealing with this office, that DEMETRIO LUQUE QUISPE (PERUVIEN National) has been terminated from his position in GOLDBANK SAC and all related companies. GOLDBANK SAC and all related companies, have cut all relations and contact with DEMETRIO LUQUE QUISPE and he is no longer in communication with this office. DEMETRIO LUQUE QUISPE no longer represent GOLDBANK SAC in any capacity whatsoever. Anyone dealing with him does so at his own risk.


The offshore company GOLDBANK SA and his represent Savio Domenico or Papier AG do not represent nor have any relation to Goldbank SAC in Peru Lima. Please be aware if they try to do any business, that this has nothing to do with GOLDBANK SAC in Peru.



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