San Juan de Chorunga


Main Commodity: Gold
Secondary Commodity: Untested

General Data File in Ministerio Energía y Minas MEM.

  • UEA Mining Name: San Juan de Chorunga
  • Right type: Exploration / Mining
  • Unique ID: 010003499 & others
  • Mining right: Indeterminated
  • Surface: 14,316 hectares.

Mining Operation Certified (COM)


  • San Juan Gold Mines S.A.A. – Century Mining (Canadá)

District / Province / Department:

  • San Juan de Chorunga / Rio Grande / Condesuyos / Arequipa

Current status:

  • The project is in the development stage, managed by San Juan Gold Mines SAA subsidiary of Century Mining (Canada) and is currently in the process of sale.

Technical Review

Mine type:

  • The deposit is epigenetic origin, filling pre-existing fractures, with native gold in quartz gangue and combined with the Fe of pyrite.

Deposit type

  • Veins, with pinch and swell type mineralization, structures from 5 cm to 4 meters thick in the central part, recognized the 35 structures with laws date from 10g / t to 150 g / t.

Operation type

  • Underground Mine

Mining type

  • Cut & fill ascendant, semi mechanized.
  • For small ore bodies, open pit or quarry.

Treatment Method

  • It has 600mtpd processing plant by shaking

Recovery method Au:

  • Carbon activated / Merrill Crowe

Exploration program

  • Diamond drilling 

Mining program

  • Currently 6,000 tons is processed
  • The mine might produce 180,000 tons of ore annually.
  • Current production 1,500 monthly gold ounces

Permits status

  • Exploration – Valid

Social License

  • Commitments to current communities.
  • Approximately 18% of the shares are held by workers and they now want to sell the total.